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Our tools live where teachers do their best work.

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Smarter data with less hassle.

Bright Bot collects real-time data on student progress through mobile applications and feeds it to educators through existing Learning Management Systems. This data enables educators to quickly make adjustments to their teaching based on student need.

Bright Bot creates value by increasing the visibility and usability of learning data for both app developers and major Learning Management Systems.

Bright Bot's Story.

Our workspace

Where mobile apps meet powerful analytics.

Bright Bot is the brainchild of an app developer (Azin) who saw a tremendous need in the marketplace for better developer tools in the education technology space. Combining his experience with building great and usable tools for millions of users on mobile and desktop applications with the educator perspective of Owen Willis, we're trying to build the next level of tools that will bring amazing visibility in the education app space.

Bright Bot is an ambitious startup that's trying to change how we approach education in the classroom. We believe if we can bring better organizational tools and analytics to bear for teachers, that app developers will gain tremendously, and ultimately children will have access to THE BEST and MOST INNOVATIVE learning tools available today, thus improving outcomes.

CEO, Product Lead and Entrepeneur

Azin Mehrnoosh

Co-Founder and CEO

After founding CauseLabs, Inc. a successful digital agency out of Denver, Co. Azin decided to tackle the education landscape. His belief in education being a tool to bring humanity out of darkness and poverty is what drives him on a daily basis.

The Teacher

Owen Willis

Co-Founder & Ed Lead

Owen has very direct experience with technology in the classroom. As an English and Special Education teacher both in the US and China, he has always been pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology in education.

CTO, API and SDK Master

Zach Hendershot


For over 15 years Zach has built high performing software and teams capable of delivering high quality software consistently and on time. He's built large scale web and mobile software platforms that have scaled to 10s of millions of users worldwide.

Advisory Board:

Advisor - Zoobean - Google

Jordan Lloyd Bookey

Advisor - Zoobean/Google
Advisor - Zoobean - Google

TJ Cook

Advisor - CEO CauseLabs
Advisor - Zoobean - Google

Gary Hensley

Advisor - CEO EdBacker/Pearson

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